Understanding the Frenectomy Procedure

There are many different types of tissues in the oral cavity that may need attention by a dentist for a healthy smile. At Broadway Family Dentistry, we deal with patients who may have concerns about their frenums. Frenums are bands of tissue that are located either on the top of the smile or the bottom. The upper frenum is called the labial frenum and connect the upper gums to the lip. The lingual frenum is the lower frenum and connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth. If either of these frenums are abnormally long or wide, they can cause issues for patients. This includes problems with:

  • Swallowing
  • Speaking
  • Movement
  • Ability to drink from a bottle (for infants)

To address these limitations, a doctor or dentist may perform a procedure called a frenectomy which is used to essentially cut this band of tissue to free the mouth and/or tongue for proper functionality and movement.

What happens during a frenectomy?

A frenectomy is actually a very simple and fast procedure that can be done at Broadway Family Dentistry by one of our professionals. The dentist may use either a scalpel with a blade or a dental laser to cut the soft tissues. In just seconds, the dentist will be able to free the frenum bands. There is very little post-operative discomfort and swelling, and most patients are able to enjoy complete changes in just one appointment. Patients can have this procedure done and go about the remainder of their day without any pain.

What should I do after my frenectomy?

This simple procedure requires no post-operative care or attention because the cut in the band will heal quickly. Patients are still urged to visit their dentist for routine visits including cleanings and examinations.

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Frenectomy Minot, ND

Tongue-tied? A Frenotomy can Help

Tongue-tie occurs when the tissue that attaches the tongue to the bottom of the mouth is too short. It is typically a problem that is identified at birth and can limit ones ability to move the tongue.

Who gets tongue-tie?

The cause of tongue-tie isn’t proven, but it may be genetic. It is typically present in babies who have additional mouth problems like cleft palate.

What are the symptoms?

Babies with tongue-tie don’t typically have symptoms. This is because the problem can fix itself as the child grows (the tissue will stretch) or the child adapts to the restrictions of being tongue-tied. Babies who are bottle fed generally don’t manifest any issues because it is easy to get milk from a bottle, as a opposed to the breast.

Children with tongue-tie may have issues breastfeeding or have gaps in the front lower teeth. Some children exhibit speech impediments like an inability to pronounce certain sounds clearly like t, d, s, z, th, n, and l. Those with tongue-tie may also have social or personal problems connected to limited tongue movement. These include challenges clearing food off of the teeth using the tongue. Kids with these problems may be made fun of by their peers.

Diagnosis and treatment

If your baby is under 1 year old and is tongue-tied, your doctor may do a frenotomy. This medical procedure involves clipping the lingual frenulum. If your baby is tongue tied but doesn’t have any problems breast feeding, you might wait until they are older to see if the problem takes care of itself and the frenulum stretches on its own. In the meantime, seek advice from a lactation consultant if you are having issues breastfeeding. If your child is a little older and has speech problems related to being tongue tied, contact a speech therapist.

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