What causes a cavity?

Worried that you have cavities? You are not alone. Unfortunately, 75-90% of adults have cavities in their permanent teeth. Cavities (or caries) are a breakdown of teeth caused by acids from bacteria in our mouth. Although cavities all have a bacterial origin, refined sugar and acid make bacteria more active. Cavities can run rampant in mouths especially when a medication causes low saliva flow or dry mouth. When left untreated, cavities can cause teeth to break, become infected or cause a great deal of pain.

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Tooth Filling

Depending on the amount of destruction, many cavities when caught early can be fixed with a dental filling. Although there are several materials available to restore these holes, our office typically chooses tooth color restorative material like composite resin or porcelain.

Our goal is to help you manage these cavity-causing bacteria, as well as help, restore the holes that the cavities create in teeth. We will discuss potential factors influencing your cavities (diet, brushing/flossing habits, dry mouth-causing medication, hormonal factors, immune system function). After, we help explore options to manage these factors.

Together, we will find a path to restore your mouth to optimal function and help you to maintain it.

Cavity Filling Before & After Photos

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tooth filling before and after photo minot, nd
composite filling minot, nd
After: Tooth was restored with tooth colored filling material and is planned for crown due to visible fractures.

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