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Restorative Dentistry

Broadway Family Dentistry offers restorative dentistry procedures such as dental fillings and dental crowns to help restore teeth for patients in Minot, Williston, Garrison, New Town, Rugby, Bismark and Devils Lake, ND.

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Dental Fillings

When cavities are addressed at their earliest point, the doctors at Broadway Family Dentistry can often use their laser to fix them. The advantage of using the laser for these earlier stage cavities is that patients typically don’t need to be numb; therefore, cavities in several areas of the mouth can be treated comfortably in one visit.

Decay (cavities) and fractures in teeth if left untreated can lead to difficulty in chewing as well as pain and temperature sensitivity. At Broadway Family Dentistry we use composite resin (tooth colored) filling material as well as porcelain crowns (or “caps”) to restore teeth to their original shape.

Dental Crowns

When more than 75% of the tooth structure is missing or replaced by filling material, often the best option is treatment with a porcelain crown (or “cap”).  Crowns are also an important treatment investment when teeth have visible cracks or have undergone root canal therapy, as these teeth are at much higher risk for breakage. Once cracks have spread to the roots, the only choice is often removal of the tooth.

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