laser dentistry minot, nd

What is laser dentistry?

Lasers are one of the greatest technologies available to dentists today.  Did you know that the heat and vibration of the dental drill are the primary causes of pain during its use? Because dental lasers used on both hard and soft tissue (teeth and gums) do not generate this heat or vibration, dental work can be performed with less postoperative pain, less need for anesthesia and less numb faces.  When cavities are cleaned using the laser, the unhealthy part of the tooth is removing using water and light energy. Many patients, especially children, find they can have their fillings done comfortably without being numb.

Laser Dentistry Treatment

Besides treatment of cavities, our dental lasers are especially helpful when removal of gum tissue and lip/tongue ties are involved. Before the use of lasers, gum surgeries and lip/tongue tie surgeries/frenectomies used sharp blades or scalpels to remove tissue. This procedure was often painful, involved a lot of bleeding and had the potential for infection. Laser surgery minimizing bleeding, swelling and are considerably more comfortable. Patients often are even able to return to school/work the same day.

Broadway Family Dentistry dentists not only can use the lasers for treatment of cavities and soft tissue surgery, our hygienists are also certified to use lasers. Our team of hygienists uses the light to reduce bacteria that causes areas of bleeding and infected gums. This is especially important for patients with gum disease as it can be used at every visit.  These lasers can even be used to treat painful and irritating mouth sores, (canker sore or cold sore).  Patients report that the sores feel better immediately after its use.

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