teeth whitening in minot, north dakota


Teeth Whitening Options

Laser Teeth Whitening

Our office has two great fast teeth whitening options in Minot, North Dakota.

The first option is great for people that do not have a lot of time but want that jump start to lighter/brighter teeth in just one visit. Dr. Jensen uses professional strength whitening gel and our laser to safely speed up the whitening process. 

Unlike other whitening lights, the use of our Er: YAG laser does not heat the nerve of the tooth the way some intense lights or lasers can. This significantly reduces any risk of nerve damage and sensitivity caused by many of the other whitenings.

Professional Teeth Whitening

The second option is perfect if you want the initial boost of an in-office treatment, but the ability to touch up your brightness of the teeth at home, our custom whitening trays are your best choice. In just two short appointments, custom fit trays are fabricated and delivered. 

Professional grade whitening material is sent home with you to whiten teeth faster and more predictably than any product available for purchase OTC. Within a few days, you will already notice a difference in color. It doesn’t take long to brighten your smile.

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